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Boiler Repair Musselburgh

We offer a wide range of gas and boiler service. We specialize in:

Boiler Servicing

We have laboured for decades provided quality services with excellent results. In Musselburgh, our packages are designed to encompass all types of boiler models and sizes. We offer full packages and accessories making sure to keep the price at minimal. We also offer boiler components and parts used in the repair processes. We are known for adhering to the best practice in the industry with a bias for maintaining high standards.

Boiler Repairs

Experts recommend yearly inspection of boilers. This helps to detect any faults that may develop in the normal functioning of the apparatus. Early detection and application of remedy to the problem prevents untold disasters that lurk in shadows. We have developed unique packages to insure you from sudden chaos.

Boiler Installation

We work with the budget you present to us. Any time you want to install a boiler, we first start by inquiring about your financial status. This helps us to advise you accordingly. Depending on the space available, need and the model you want to install, our experts make sure to take you through all the processes of installation and how to operate basic functions of the apparatus. They are equipped with the necessary equipments to ensure quality services and safety. Do not attempt to install your boiler. Leave it to the experts. Leave it to us. 

Gas and Boiler Leaks

Some common causes of leaks include:  extreme high pressure – it affects the pressure valve, extreme temperature – it causes temperature sensors to malfunction, corrosion – it leads to rusting, and faulty pump seals – which leads to leaks. To arrest any possibility of leakage, we have acquired equipments capable of detecting illicit emission of liquids and gases in the earliest stages. We can determine the cause of leaks in a matter of minutes. This helps us to reduce on the cost of operation and time used to restore the apparatus.

Central Heating Installation

Our service is the most reliable in Musselburgh. We are trusted and relied upon to afford professional packages. The trust comes from countless successful installations we

have executed over the years.We install heating systems of all sizes, designs and from different manufacturers.
Central Heating Repairs

Are you in need of central heating repairs? Do you have a pressing emergency? Are you experiencing partial or complete failure of your heating system? Do not panic, we are here to serve you.With a simple call to our customer desk, we can quickly respond to your emergency in a matter of minutes. Our technicians travel in a fast-moving van to come to the site. This reduces on the amount of time wasted. Once on site, a quick inspection is carried out to determine the remedy.

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