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Boiler Repair Blackford

Boiler Servicing
Our service charges are attractively packaged to save you from incurring heavy costs on boiler servicing. Unlike our competitors, we value your well-being and do our utmost to accommodate your budget. For each boiler design, we offer full packages and an array of assortment of boiler accessories. We also stock top quality boiler parts ideal for a whole host of boiler repair jobs with the aim of meeting your every requirement.

Boiler Repairs

We conduct elaborate boiler repairs anywhere in Blackford. We also carry out regular or annual general inspection and maintenance practices under an agreed arrangement. Our Gas-Safe-Registered engineers carry out routine practices such as boiler re-tubes, boiler cleaning, valve overhauls, stoker conversions, on-site fabrication and emergency boiler repairs. They take minimal time to compete the whole operation.

Boiler Installation

Our engineers are trained in standard operations of boiler installation process. They are also regularly drilled to handle the latest installation technology and techniques. Eco Efficient Blackford has more than 10 years of experience in installing all boiler models from different manufactures. We have conducted thousands of installation, both for home and commercial services. With minimum budget we give you wholesome packages of unrivalled quality.

Gas and Boiler Leaks

Gas and boiler leaks can lead to loss of life and damage to property if the problem is not corrected immediately. They can lead to explosions or total breakdown of the apparatus. This can resort to heavy burden on the financial resources and the consequent time wastage that follows.

Our accredited Gas Safe Registered engineers use sophisticated leak detection equipments, utility location equipments, pipe inspection cameras, and related products and accessories all needed to locate pipes and cables and basic signs of wear and tear. We take minimal time to put the installation back to full performance. Whether the leak be caused by high pressure, high temperature, rusting, corrosion or any other factor, we restore it to full function.

Central Heating Installation

Out central heating installation services are professional. We are the known for providing durable heating system services in the whole of Blackford. We are licensed to install heating systems of all kinds, designs, sizes and models. We keep to standards and specifications to ensure quality and durability.

Central Heating Repairs

Faulty valve, extreme temperature, extreme pressure, corrosion or any other complication can cause damage to your heating system. In order to keep your apparatus in optimum working condition, contact us for full-scale heating system restoration. Our Gas Safe registered engineers are experienced in handling: heating controls and electric heater repairs, non-functional thermostats, gas fire problems, broken system elements within and without the apparatus and boiler and radiator issues. Why suffer while we have a solution? Contact us today.

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